About The Macintosh Users Club
The Macintosh Users Club is made for Macintosh users to unite and talk. There is no charge or anything to be in it, all you have to do is come to the meetings/chats when you can. The chats are just for fun--talking to other Mac users--saying why you like Macintosh more--and anything else that you may want to say. There is also a Macintosh message board. Please say what your Login name for the chatroom/and a webpage if you have one is in the message board so others will know who you are. Talk anytime in the chatroom or message board, but meetings are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 CST--try to come if you can, but you aren't forced to ever come.
The Macintosh Users Club is where Macintosh users unite to show that we (Macintosh users) are still here!
How do you enter the Macintosh Club? All you have to do is say what your chat login name is and anything else you want to say in the Macintosh Club Forum and come to some of the meetings.

What time are meetings for you? I have realized that there are many people coming here that aren't from America so here is a picture of the time zones and I will explain it also. READ BOTTOM if you are from anywhere around Sweden for a time that will be good for you.

In the section "S" is the Central Standard Time. Meetings begin at 6:30 in that section. So here are the times for each section, you just have to know where you are located on it. S6:30 P.M.
R7:30 P.M.
Q8:30 P.M.
P9:30 P.M.
O10:30 P.M.
N11:30 P.M.
Z12:30 A.M.
A1:30 A.M.
B2:30 A.M.
C3:30 A.M.
D4:30 A.M.
E5:30 A.M.
F6:30 A.M.
G7:30 A.M.
H8:30 A.M.
I9:30 A.M.
K10:30 A.M.
L11:30 A.M.
M12:30 P.M.
M*1:30 P.M.
M(UP ARROW)2:30 P.M.
N11:30 P.M.
O10:30 P.M.
P9:30 P.M.
Q8:30 P.M.
R7:30 P.M.
S6:30 P.M.

Just added:
Since about half of the people that come here are from Sweden here is a schedule for you.
(Swedish time)
Wednesday: 6:30pm-as long as you can stay
Monday: 7:00pm-as long as you can stay