This page is devoted the number 1 idiot of the century.

The facts:
Name: James Eddy
City: Germantown (near Memphis)
State: Tennessee
Why is this person the idiot of the year: He has successfully proved himself stupid by his own words and ideas. He has proved himself stupid by forming two clubs, one called 42-Q-Cole Slaw and the other called NAAIP. Both are stupid, filled with stupid people. One thing, he hates people because of what the other people like. For instance, he hates all AOL users just because they use AOL. He calls them "AOL -L-Users" and teases them all the time. More users use Microsoft Internet Explorer than AOL, and MIE users are also hated by James Eddy because he can't handle MIE. He also hates Mac users, number one reason that comes to mind is because Macintosh G3's are faster than anyother Pentium 2.
Who decided this person is the idiot of the century: Anyone that has ever seen him or talked to him have realized why this person is so stupid. On his own webpage this is before I screwed it up and erased his page (which talked all about the stupid 42 and NAAIP) he has a quote that is amusing. He believes he knows everything about computers because he loves the dreaded MS DOS so much. His quote is "...people that say they're good with computers but can't program - These people deserve to be beaten when they say this. You can't really be good with computers unless you know how the encoding works in our opionion." When you say you are good with computers, this means you are good at running computers. When you say you are good at PROGRAMMING then it means you are good at programming. Computers and Programming is not the same thing. I for one, chose he is the idiot of the century, and most AOL users, MIE users, Mac users, people that talked or seen him, and anyone else that fears the devil.
What clubs should be formed on James Eddys webpage: 1. Screw 42 and 2. National All-Around Idiots Program