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how much do you know about


Write your full name

what animals Al killed or wanted to kill? (choose at least 6) (1 point each)

A bird
A pig
A bunny
A mouse
A horse
A duck
A moose
A chicken
A bear
A dog

    Answer ONLY 30 questions (2 points each)

  1. what is Christina Applegate’s real hair color?
  2. blond red blue gray white

  3. what is the name of the Bundy's new dog?
  4. Buck Duck Psycho Lucky Marcy

  5. What is Stive's new job??
  6. Shoe salesman He doesn't work A Limousine driver A rich business man None of the answers

  7. who is the manager of the nudy bar?
  8. Jefferson Al Habib Acbar no one knows

  9. what kinda car does Al have?
  10. a red "Dodge" a red Mercedes a brown "Dodge" rollers a blue "Dodge"

  11. why did those aliens come to Al?
  12. in search for socks in search for food Al never saw aliens to take pictures

  13. in what way did Al break his brand new computer with?
  14. with a gun with a hammer with a stick with a saw

  15. what movie that Al REALLY likes in on only every 30 years?
  16. Rondo Psycho Dad Married With Children Star Wars Hondo

  17. What did the Bundys buy that made them be in the competition in the million customer contest?
  18. a salami a gum a machine-gun chicken a cow

  19. what did Seven's parents do after they abandoned him?
  20. they killed themselves they went to Japan had a personal fashion show they never abandoned him

  21. what was Peg's nick name in high school?
  22. The Big Red Peggy Marcy Hot Babe Nina

  23. what was Kelly’s first job?
  24. being a lawyer being a verminator she have never worked being a weather bunny being a waitress

  25. how does the Bundy's new dog look like?
  26. brown with white spots white with brown spots black red

  27. On what did Peg spend the money she won at the bingo comp'?
  28. on traveling back home on a new dress on food she gave it to Al

  29. how much couches are in the world like the one the Bundys have?
  30. none three two ten 100000000

  31. what's the name of the rotten lake Al bought?
  32. lake "Shoe" lake "Marcy" lake "Gary" lake "Chicamacameco"

  33. what did Jefferson do before he married Marcy?
  34. he was working in a supermarket he was a spy he was a bank manager he was a pilot gardener

  35. what does Bud do for a living?
  36. worked in a gay hot line he doesn't work he is working with Al he is a spy giving out licenses

  37. what did Bud build in his basement all that time?
  38. gate-way a ship a nudy bar a horse a garden

  39. whats the name of the city the Bundys went to in England?
  40. London Chicago New-York Lower-Ungton Upper-Saneon

  41. whats the name of AL's good friend from highschool who changed his sex?
  42. Thad Bud Aron Bob-roony Pit

  43. in the football game Al played with his friends in his middle-age, who replaced fat Skippy?
  44. Griff Bud Peg Marcy Jefferson

  45. what was the only fact that Kelly forgot in the Sport-Game-Show?
  46. that Magic Johnson have aids that her father scored 4 touchdowns in a single game that George Weah is soccer player that Al won in the super bawl

  47. how does Peg's mom look like?
  48. like Peg like Marcy like a big red monster like Buck she had never been shown

  49. what's the hair color of Peg's father?
  50. gray red pink he's bald brown

  51. in what job was Peg's mom involved?
  52. she never worked Hot Sex Line she was the main chef in an Italian restaurant (called Toksana) she was in opra e)she was a TV star (before she ate her first cow)

  53. what's the nick name for the wife of the Nudy-Bar manager?
  54. the rocky mountains the Himalayas the boogie monster Peg Meg

  55. what's the black man's name that al works with?
  56. Harony Jefferson Griff Abraham Bud

  57. what the nick name that bud uses to "get girls"?
  58. Bed Wetter B Grand Master B Grand Father B Bud Bindy Cool Bud

  59. what animal does Al think Marcy is?
  60. a dog a monster a fish a giraffe a chicken

  61. what food does Marcy keep on making that Steve hates?
  62. Fish Sticks A Salami Meat Chicken Pig

  63. what's the name of the gay guy that Peg danced with?
  64. Pit Jefferson Andy Habib Moses

  65. which member of the bundy serie have done nudity in her/his past?
  66. Bud Marcy Kelly Jefferson Peg

Write at least 3 phrases from the Bundy's theme song. (5 points)

Write one of Kelly's boyfriends (2 points)

Write one thing (not long) about-
example: AL-loves beer (1 point each)


When is the birthday of- (the real birthday)
example: Ed-12.12(not true) (1 point each)

Ed O'Neill-
Katy Sagal-
David Faustino-
Christina Applegate-
Amanda Bearse-
Ted McGinley-

Write 2 jobs that Al had.
anything but a shoe salesman (3 point each)
Write 2 sports that Al really good at.
anything but football (3 points each)


Write one of Bud's girlfriends
(or he wanted her to be his girlfriend) (2 points)

Write 2 things that Peg will never do
(3 points each)


BONUS!!! (you don't have to answer these)

(2 points each)

  1. Who payed for the trip to Hawaii?


  2. What did Al explode?

    Griff's wedding
    Peg's hair
    Griff's car
    Peg's shopping basket

  3. What kind of Tamagotchi Al bought for Peg's mother?

    A dog
    A dinosaur
    No one knows
    A cow

  4. What did Al got for his 30 anniversary?

    Tickets to the Opera
    New car
    New underwear

  5. How much Kelly got on the I.Q test?

    Not even a digit
    She've never made the I.Q test

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