Myth 2

Myth 2, a game that I like possibly even more than GoldenEye 007, is a great 3D battling game. Even when you get bored of the one player mode, there are still at least 8 different multiplayer modes to battle your friends in. There are screenshots at the bottom of this page.


A MUST!!! WWII: Recon This multiplayer map changes your units into soldiers that can pick up medi kits and gernades. Blast away people with your powerful cannons.

The Alamo The 120 some Mexicans are looking to kill off the not even 50 Americans, but the Americans got some good defense weapons to try to hold off the out numbering Mexicans.

Urban Warfare Nice levels, again changes the look of your units into something else.



Make it all the way past the bridge and blow it up!


Kill them all before they bust up that dam.


The powerful Soulblighter and the not so powerful archers.


Kill the Baron in this indoor level!

Great Library

Protect the entrance of that library.


Take the high ground with your archers.


Play the Stampede mode in Multiplayer.


Make your way into the castle.


Battle your way onto the boat.