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20 Things You May Not Have Known About The X-Files

  1. Mulder and Scully have had many different nicknames and alias over the years. What were They?

    • At the FBI Academy, Mulder's classmates named him "Spooky" because of his interest in the paranormal.
    • Mulder wrote an article about UFOs for Omni magazine,using the fake byline M.F. Luder.
    • In the episode 'It Came From Outer Space,' the writer Jose Chung creates a character base on Mulder named Reynard Muldrake and one on Scully named Diana Lisky.
    • Mulder used the alias George hale in the episode 'Sleepless.'
    • Scully's father nick named her Starbuck
  2. What is Mulder's FBI badge number?
  3. What is the password on Mulder's computer?
  4. What is Mulder's apartment number?
  5. What is Scully's apartment number?
    402 or 35 (Some debate on this one)
  6. When Scully dissappeared, Mulder opened a file on the case and put her glasses and badge in the file. What was the number of that file?
  7. When is Scully's Birthday?
    February 23 1964
  8. What is Scully's astrological sign?
  9. When is Mulder's Birthday?
    October 11th or 13th 1961 (Some debate on this one as well)
  10. What is Mulder's astrological sign?
  11. What was the name of the board game Mulder and his sister were playing when she was abducted?
  12. What was Mulder's favorite TV show as a kid?
    "The Magician." Infact he was planning to watch an episode of it before his sister was abducted.
  13. What kind of flashlight do Mulder and Scully use in the show?
    They carry $4,000 xenon flaslight made by Maxabeam. These powerful beams are used in the wilderness by search and rescue teams.
  14. How do you say "The Truth Is Out There" in Navaho?
    El 'Aanugoo 'Ahoot'e
  15. What does E.B.E. stand for?
    Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. It's just a fancy way to say 'alien'. (I like to use it to make my non X-Phile friends seem inferior!)
  16. What is Mulder's favorite snack food?
    Sunflower Seeds
  17. What is Mulder's favorite drink?
    Iced Tea
  18. What is Mulder's sister's name?
    Samantha Ann Mulder
  19. What are the names of the Lone Gunman?
    Melvin Frohike, Ringo Langly and John Fitzgerald Byers
  20. Who opened the first X-File and when?
    J.Edgar Hoover (long-time director of the FBI) in 1946
  21. What is Scully's sisters name?
    Melissa Scully
  22. What is Scully's home phone number?
  23. What is Scully's cellular phone number?
  24. What is Mulders home phone number?
  25. How many times did Cancer Man (William B. Davis) appear on the X-Files?
  26. How many times did A. D. Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) appear on the X-Files?
  27. What is Mulder's case number for his sister, Samantha?
  28. On what date did Mulder and Scully meet for the first time?
    March 6 1992
  29. What was Fox Mulder's First word spoken as a baby?
  30. What is Dana Scully's badge number?
  31. What Does DPO stand for?
    Darin Peter Oswald
  32. In what episode does Scully first fire her gun? Why?
    "Ghost in the Machine", to disable an electric fan.
  33. In what epsiode does Mulder first fire his gun? Why?
    "Conduit", to scare off a pack of wolves.
  34. What did Scully name her dog?
    Queequeg, (after Mody Dick's cannibalistic character) out of coinincidence Queequeg ate human flesh in the epsiode "Clyde Bruckmans Fianl Repsose"
  35. What is Samantha Mulders birthday?
    November 21 1965