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Before clicking on these next two sites (will soon be many more) go to this site NOW to download Flash plugin for Netscape, AOL, and Microsoft IE for FREE so you will be able to view the new pages that just got here.
My personal favorite page I have made yet is this Zelda page. It is a very big though because of a sound file that is on it. If you let everything load right at the bigging the whole page will go a lot smoother and won't pause when you get to the sound file cause it didn't load yet. And I also have a D Generation X page but is very small. There was not a lot done on this page. You won't see anything on these pages without downloading Flash first.

This tells it all:

Hey, I just restarted to work on this page as of 6/1/99. It has just been setting here for quite a while and nothing has been happening. Iíll be adding mor Flash webpages and a new iMac page plus some game pages.

The page uses frames and is best with Netscape. Please look around and sign the guestbook. Dislike the color black as a background???? Then change it.

Don't see the color you want in there, well now on almost every page, there is a new way to change the colors. Use this to change background color.

Also email me if you want to.
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